pose1BNY Studio …beautiful and designed for you!

Welcome to Buddha Nest Yoga!  Enjoy practicing yoga and meditation in our beautiful new studio, conveniently located at 134 Main Street in Groton MA.   BNY is a serene, eco-conscious studio designed with students in mind, providing an optimal oasis.  Through thoughtful planning and design we have made every effort to be healthy to our bodies and friendly to our environment.  A floating cork floor underfoot provides a superior foundation for practicing yoga, helping to protect and cushion our bodies, preserve our environment as well as enhance the beauty of the space.  Cork flooring is 100% hypoallergenic, free of glues and toxic finishes, and is 100% renewable, because the trees it is harvested from regenerate their cork over a short period of time.  The interior walls of the studio are insulated with a formaldehyde-free sound proofing material, which safely reduces noise from adjacent areas, minimizing outside distractions.  Interior paint is low evoc grade, eliminating toxic chemicals in the air we breathe.  A technologically advanced air purifying system ensures the air is the cleanest, healthiest possible, free from odors and pollutants such as dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold and spore-sized particles.  Enter a warm temperature of approximately 78 -80 degrees, a safe and comfortable temperature for practicing yoga, allowing the body and mind to open, align and relax.   A serene atmosphere welcomes you, providing a relaxing retreat in which to practice yoga and meditation.

Buddha Nest Yoga Philosophy

At BNY our teachings go beyond just the physical, and yoga combined with meditation is the core of Buddha Nest Yoga’s philosophy.  Our classes combine the challenging physical practice of yoga with the calming practice of meditation.  With meditation integrated into the yoga class students experience a complete body and mind transformation, discovering tools which can also be used off the mat, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and increase overall well being.  The combination of yoga and meditation is very healing and provides the ultimate body-mind-spirit connection, combining and contrasting an invigorating physical practice with the serenity of deep relaxation.  With a passion for meditation, we artfully weave meditation tools throughout our classes, including breathing exercises, movement as a meditative focus, and many classes close with an extended guided meditation during relaxation, or savasana.  A guided meditation serves to help students stay in the present moment during a time in which the mind habitually wants to race and wander.  The more we practice meditation the better we are able to access these tools off the mat, when we need them the most.  Our BNY signature class, YES! Yoga is structured to provide up to 20 minutes of guided meditation at the close of the class.  Students report feeling both invigorated and completely relaxed with this technique!  Try this yoga plus extended meditation difference for yourself … Embody Calm!

You will find only expert instructors at BNY, bringing varied backgrounds and styles of yoga and meditation.  Our unique classes are designed for beginners through advanced students, call us if you’re not sure which class is right for you!  Keep an eye on our online class schedule, we will keep it updated daily!

Warm  – not hot!

The Buddha Nest Yoga studio is a safe and comfortably warm temperature for all classes.  This provides an environment in which the muscles can safely lengthen and the risk of injury is reduced.  The temperature in the studio space is warm – not hot – and maintained during classes at approximately 78-80 degrees.  This is an optimal temperature to attain the health and fitness benefits of yoga without the stress of extreme heat.  The studio was specifically designed with yoga students in mind, and is ventilated to allow consistent temperature and flow of air throughout the entire studio.  Be prepared to sweat and release toxins, but do not fear sauna-like heat.

The Buddha Nest Yoga name

The name Buddha Nest Yoga originated from founder Anne’s love of everything Buddha, along with an early vision of providing for students a beautiful and cozy ‘nest’ in which to practice yoga in.   The studio space fits the plan perfectly, located within a beautiful and historic federal style structure originally built as a residence by a blacksmith named George Boynton.  The original architecture of the building remains, however the building has been completely restored and updated.   The studio occupies an original living room on the first floor, brightly lit by multiple windows lining Main St, along with the building’s only original fireplace which at one time heated the home.  Striking cork floors, an abundance of natural light, and of course a collection of buddhas lends to the ambience of serenity.  The design of the studio highlights the original charm of the building and bestows an updated state-of-the-art boutique feel.

With Gratitude

One of the primary teachings of the Buddhist tradition is to spend time in gratitude each day for the many gifts of our lives.  I would like to happily thank the following friends and family! (in no particular order).

Kevan Gale (kevangale.com)

My wonderful teacher of all things great!  You are an inspiration for your knowledge and skill at yoga and also for your ethical, compassionate and loving nature.  You have left me with a strong conviction to do the same with my students.  So much of who I am as a teacher today is because of you, Kevan!

Betty Riaz (stilstudio.com)

Your beautiful and now infamous bedangled arm has become the BNY signature!  You have been an inspiration as a business owner and retail goddess of everything beautiful and Buddha.  Thank you for all of your wonderful support, and for showing me how to rock out arm balances so gracefully!  Much good karma to you, Betty!

David Magone (pranavayu.com)

I can still envision the first time you taught us meditation.  I kept peeking out of a corner of my eye to see if you were still sitting there, deep in trance.  And surely you always were!  Each time I share these teachings with my students your eloquence is right there for me to emulate.  The pranavayu sequences and buddhist meditations continue to be the basis for many of my classes today.  Thank you for the inspiration!

Sue Pentland (neyoga.com)

How wonderful it was of you to bring me in to the family at New England Yoga!  You showed me faith, trust and sincerity.  There have been so many wonderful things I have learned from you as a teacher!  Your beautiful studio is a serene retreat and I have truly enjoyed every minute there.  Thank you for all of your support and well wishes!

Open Studio Owners, Ellen Olson Brown and Miranda Hersey (openstudiogroton.com)

Sooooooo cool of you to be my personal cheerleaders and bring me into your wonderful circle to teach classes and workshops!  You are such a cool team of wonder women and we are so fortunate to have your presence in our community.  From creative offerings and kids yoga, you girls rock!  Thank you so much for being there for me, offering your collaboration and your friendship.  You have made a very big difference in my journey!

Pam and Steve Jarboe, Community Chiropractic (itsforyourlife.com)

You gave my business it’s first jump start by offering your space and sharing your patients with me.  From the beginning you had faith and confidence in my ability to offer your patients the beautiful practice of yoga.  It has been a friendly, cozy space to meet your amazing patients and I truly appreciate the opportunity!  Much good karma to you both!   And thank you for taking care of my back during a traumatic time, you have been fabulous!

Brenna Mayer Svarskopfv

Brenna it was you who was instrumental in me finding the property at 134 Main Street!  After someone informed me that it was not available I had put thoughts of this space aside, but you cared enough to suggest I dig further and check into the details … and that is how it all got started.  And WOW what a space!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend!

BNY Students

My desire to open my own studio sprang from an intention to provide for you a larger local space, a beautiful studio dedicated to the practice of yoga and meditation.  Many of you have followed me to several different locations and have been patient and happy to practice under an array of circumstances and schedule changes!  You have given me the confidence to follow this intention through.  Thank you, I am offering many dedicated practices to you!

Alexa Dries 

You have been such a trooper, helping me move furniture at my rental spaces, hanging out with me until I finish teaching classes, allowing me to ‘practice’ yoga and meditation on you, and putting up with my long hours of training.  My awesome little yogi, you are my real teacher!  Love you, honey!

Jeff Dries

What can I say, you made this dream of a yoga studio come true!  Thank you for having faith and confidence in me and for allowing me to follow my heart.  Thank you for fielding the countless business questions you always have the right answers for, my personal financial wizard, my best friend!  Love always!

John Joyce (thesmallbiznest.com)

A big thank you goes out to you for sharing your small business expertise, introducing me to new ideas, offering to help in any way that you could, with no expectations in return.  Some of these suggestions I have already implemented and am finding very successful!  I highly recommend your company to anyone.  And you and your family are some of the nicest people that I know!

Eileen Grohmann

I will never forget that it was you who thoughtfully suggested my collaboration with Community Chiropractic as a way to get started with my local business.   It was so generous of you to consider how you might help a friend get started with her plans, even though you do not even practice yoga and had nothing to gain but to simply help a friend.   I will always be grateful!

Jennifer Hunter (saltyclaws.com)

You were one of the first to help and encourage me with business planning info, computer applications, and advice from your own small business research.  For this I am truly grateful!  My dogs Tommie and Ava adore you and I’m so happy to have Salty Claws, your beautiful doggie daycare and boarding, to happily leave them at while we travel!

Kelly MacNeil

My best yoga training buddy!  You made training fun and always had me laughing, thanks for the memories!  And Buddha Kelly, you are the best blog coach I could hope for.  Thanks for your help on the site with ideas and being willing to share your own stories too, I look forward to sharing them.  Just keep it real and get after it!