Anne Dries, E-RYT200, Owner/Instructor

Anne Dries, founder and owner of Buddha Nest Yoga, began teaching fitness at the age of 15 and has been practicing yoga as long as she can remember. She received a degree in Exercise Science from Northeastern University and is an American College of Sports Medicine certified Exercise Physiologist. She worked as a Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist, Athletic Trainer, Aerobics Director, Prenatal Fitness Coordinator and Corporate Fitness Center Director. Her experience also includes teaching fitness to the Northeastern University Men’s Basketball Team as well as to the Boston Celtics, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Arizona Wildcats Football Team, and as a fitness expert on 105.7 WVBF’s Loren and Wally Show.

Anne received a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification under both David Magone (Pranavayu) and Kevan Gale (Fluid Yoga). In this training she learned the fundamentals of teaching vinyasa yoga and meditation, and received the guidance of Lama Migmar Tsetsen, a disciple of the Dalai Lama and director of the Sakya Institute in Cambridge, a Buddhist Learning Center. She has completed extensive training in Restorative Yoga with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen and teaches Restorative yoga workshops. Most recently Anne has completed intensive training with Sarah Powers, and is currently furthering her studies in an additional 500hr certification with Insight Yoga, a yin and yang style with roots in Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese medicine. She currently teaches classes and offers a 200hr Yin and Yang Teacher Certification Program as well as a 20hr Yin Teacher Training for certified teachers.

Anne enjoys sharing her passion for yoga with students, and embraces Buddhist inspired teachings and meditation. Ask Anne sometime to tell you the story of the time she met the Dalai Lama! Expect from her classes a mindful focus, incorporating sequences of postures that build on one another to help the body stretch and open gradually, and emphasizing both yin and yang aspects. Her classes begin and close with a guided meditation which is rooted in the Buddhist tradition. Expect a calm vibe and a balanced series of body and mind-challenging E-RYT200experiences. Anne brings together her range of experience with athletes to de-conditioned beginners and applies it to the practice of yoga, ensuring a safe yet challenging experience. You will find the BNY studio to be a warm, welcoming environment in which to practice yoga and meditation. Anne also teaches corporate yoga and meditation classes in the local area and is available for private individual and group sessions. Anne is a resident of Groton, MA.



Deb Joyce, Instructor DebYoga-1

I dabbled in yoga during college, but fell in love with it in 2002. I originally began my yoga training just to deepen my own practice, but when my yoga teacher left and no one was available to replace her, I took the plunge. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) having achieved my 200 Hour certification through Yoga Fit. Since 2006 I have taken a variety of trainings across various yoga disciplines, including Kripalu and Ashtanga. I believe yoga complements anyone’s exercise program but offers so much more to those who are ready to go deeper. Cultivating breadth, mindfulness and presence can help us all both on and off the mat. My class flows in an attempt to integrate mind, body and breath, helping one reach a state of calm, openness and, awareness.”Having taught high school students for 30 years, teaching yoga to adults allows me to continue helping others learn and grow.



Evelynn Sablone, Instructor

I began taking yoga classes about a decade ago and although I can’t say what brought me there, I can say that I stayed because I loved it and because I needed it. Shortly into my second year as a yoga student I began to consider what it would be like to be a yoga teacher and after many months of this I knew it was my dream job. Years later, with intent focus and enormous drive I began my 200 hour teacher training in both Yin & Yang styles through Buddha Nest Yoga in October 2016 and completed in May 2017. It is with great pleasure that I get to teach, with an emphasis on mindfulness and breath, yoga to both those who want it just as a physical practice or those looking for a little more.


Ulrika Sullivan, Instructor 

Ulrika Sullivan started to meditate at age of thirteen and got introduced to asana practice a decade ago attending a vinyasa flow class with a friend. She continued to explore yoga very sporadically while starting a family. The practice came back to her four years ago and completed yoga teacher training in 2016 becoming a RYT-200 Fluid Yoga Teacher. Ulrika feels rejuvenated when sharing yoga practice with students. She loves to incorporate elements of meditation to help body, mind and spirit connection and awareness as part of her classes. Her personality lends to a teaching style full of mindfulness and a calm energy. Ulrika sees yoga practice as a personal journey, a door opener to becoming more aware and discovering one’s true self.


Nancy Slocum, Instructor

A certified fitness trainer with 20 years in the fitness industry, Nancy brings a unique set of skills and expertise to her yoga practice and teaching.  She emphasizes Muscle Activation Techniques, biomechanics and kinesiology, has studied Neurokinetic Therapy and she specializes in exercise therapy.  Nancy has 30 years of weight training and running experience, including qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon.  She has trained college, Olympic and professional athletes.  In 2003, Nancy turned her passion for exercise and fitness into a full-time career and has never looked back.  When she discovered the increased strength, flexibility, and energy that comes from a daily yoga practice, not just in the body but in the mind,  it became clear what her next step would be, and she went on to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification under the direction of Anne Dries.  “I am particularly drawn to the power of meditation and the breath and their connection to the physical body and the ability of yoga to bring more depth, focus and presence into all aspects of a person’s life.”  Nancy is thrilled to share her knowledge and passion for health, wellness and a mindful, active lifestyle with her students!


Heather Thomas, Instructor

Heather attended her first yoga class while in high school. While that first class was not the hook, the seed was planted. Yoga has been a growing part of her life ever since. Yes, there have been breaks, but she always comes back to the mat. After the birth of her daughter, her practice became important. To Heather, yoga has the power to change and heal; uniting the mind and body. Yoga changed her life and continues to do so. In 2013 she felt compelled to take this practice to another level and share this passion with others. Heather had just begun teaching in Arizona before moving to Lunenburg. Heather is excited to share her passion and peace with you.HeatherThomas


Morgan Doan, Substitute Instructor

Morgan first began her journey with yoga and meditation as a child with her mother under a Tibetan Guru. At the time, she also practiced karate and ran track, so yoga enhanced her physical state while meditation taught her mindfulness and other techniques to discipline her mental state. Now, many years later, she has been certified by David Magone in Boston to teach Pranavayu, a style of vinyasa that focuses on skeletal alignment and encourages cross training between different areas of fitness. Morgan’s personal activities range from running, hiking, to strength training through lifting weights. In terms of yoga, she enjoys classes that offer a mix of challenging exercises for the body and also guided meditations that aim to change the mind. Morgan, an aspiring high school math teacher, finds that the greatest gift she can give to any of her students, in fitness or in education, is to encourage them to challenge themselves in order to make the greatest progress.