YOGA HOMEWORK with DEB   30-35 minute slow vinyasa

Lying down on back – 10 deep belly breaths

Knees to chest – happy baby

Spinal twist –  bent knees feet to edges of mat – change sides

Rock up to all 4”s 10 cat-cows

Spinal balance – hold 4 breaths each side

Down dog 

Tiptoe to forward fold at front of mat – bend knees – maybe rag doll 7 breaths

Roll up to Mountain Pose – Pause

Lateral Flexion each side – hold for 3 breaths

3-5 sun 1/2 salutations at your pace (no plank to DD)

2 full Sun Salutations your way (optional)

W I  WII   & Reverse warrior   Hold 5 breaths each  – then change sides each side

 Forward fold and take big toe stretch – 5 breaths

Roll up to standing for BALANCE POSES – Tree or airplane or Standing Pigeon

 Chair or Chair twist each side from standing – (OPTIONAL)

Bow forward – step back back to down dog – to plank  – lower down to mat

Airplane lift for core and back – arms, torso and legs lift – 5 breaths – pause

Child’s pose – pause and check in – roll on to back

Happy Baby – or inversion of choice (BRIDGE, HIP STAND, SHOULDER STAND, ETC.)

Spinal Twist of your choice – hold 5-10 breaths each side

Savasana -3-4 minutes