Private Yoga/Meditation with Anne Dries

$150/90 minute session

Private, one on one yoga and/or meditation training can benefit students of all levels.  For first timers and beginning yoga students, time spent one on one will ensure that postures are performed safely at your optimal level and in alignment with your individual body, right from the start.  Our bodies need different things depending on our biomechanics, injuries and imbalances.  Every body is different!  Not all postures should look the same for everybody, as we are all created differently.  A personal yoga training session will individualize yoga for you, and make future classes you take more beneficial.  Extremely beneficial for students with injuries, a private session will help you understand how to modify different poses that meet your healing body’s needs.  For more advanced students the private yoga training session is also very beneficial.  Sometimes we find ourselves in habits of alignment that are not always the best for us.  Although this will be pointed out to you in group classes, private training allows us to look more closely at your body, recommending a tailored approach to each pose.  It is also a fantastic experience to receive assists in each and every posture!  Even the most experienced yoga students can benefit from an alignment refresher such as this.  Feel yourself getting deeper into each posture with the help of your instructor, and work on specific areas that you find most challenging.

Email Anne directly at to schedule your time.


Restorative Yoga with Heather Thomas

Saturday, October 21, 2017
3:00 – 5:00pm
Take time for yourself and relax deeply in this workshop dedicated to peace and calm.  Restorative yoga is a luxurious practice that uses many and varied specialized props to support and stabilize the body in order to promote maximum comfort and deep relaxation.  Unlike active forms of yoga, a restorative session serves to provide rest and healing.  Soothed by eye pillows, bolsters under your spine, knees and elbows and warmed by a blanket you may expect a mix of breathing techniques, mindful meditation and classical restorative yoga postures.  The workshop will conclude with an extended guided meditation.  Very much like a good night’s sleep restorative yoga’s effects are felt long afterwards.  Some of the benefits of this practice may include:
  • strengthens your immune system
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • improves mood and overall wellness
  • releases deeply held tension
  • soothes your nervous system
  • relieves stress and anxiety