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This slow and gentle yoga and meditation practice will help to relax your body and mind, promoting balance and harmony. We will begin with pranayama/breathing and meditation, and then move slowly through floor postures. There are no standing postures in this sequence. The gentle movement helps to prepare the body and mind for deeper meditation. Class ends lying on the mat guided gently into meditation, which may include yoga nidra/yogic sleep. No experience is necessary.


This dynamic flow practice of rhythmic movement and muscular engagement alive with breath targets the inner core body.  The focus of this practice is to bring awareness into the center of your body, paying attention to using the core to move, breathe, balance and flow through yoga poses. Some yoga experience is suggested.


Get extra stretchy with this slow paced vinyasa flow class emphasizing longer, deeper holds. A mindful pace sets the stage for breathing with movement and is a central theme throughout standing sequences and floor poses.  All levels.


Give yourself a dose of chi nutrition!  This slow and contemplative practice combines stretching on the floor  with meditative breathing. Yin yoga draws upon the more internal, quiet and subtle energies of the body.  Through this practice we open the body by lengthening the muscles, strengthening the connective tissues and stimulating meridians, invisible energetic pathways which run through our body.  By stimulating the flow of chi energy we positively affect our internal organ system, increasing our overall health and well being.  This is a great way to counterbalance more active ‘yang’ practices and is considered by some experts to increase longevity! All Levels. Beginner Friendly!

YES! YOGA: (Yoga With Extended Savasana)

(YES = Yoga with Extended Savasana) A Buddha Nest Yoga signature class! Explore the practice of rhythmic movement paced with breath using active muscular engagement and an alert focus on Ujjayi breathing.  Complementing the yang movements journey into the mind through an extended yoga nidra session to end the practice. Experience your true nature of balance and harmony with this ultimate yin/yang practice.  Healing for your body, mind and soul! Some yoga experience is recommended.


This no-flow practice encourages strength, length and grounding.  By dwelling in yoga poses, with conscious attention to breathing and mindful awareness, unhurried and unrushed, we develop inner strength and energetic vitality.  Paced appropriately for beginners yet deep-seated enough for more experienced yogis.  Immerse yourself in conscious awareness of the body, heart and mind. All Levels!



 The following classes are temporarily on hiatus, stay tuned they may be coming back soon!


A peaceful, stress-relieving group practice combining breathing, soothing music and meditation.  Gently guided by an instructor, sit or lie quietly as you relax and focus inward to settle the mind, minimize anxiety, and reduce cortisol levels. Experience the highest goal of yoga.  A healthy escape from a stressful day!  For everyone!


This one hour flow class includes key standing postures, essential seated stretches and guided meditation which is specifically intended to bring about more happiness! Get your evening off to a happy start and leave feeling stronger, more energized and happier! All levels.

Vin/Yin Fusion:

Balance effort with ease in this vinyasa flow class complemented by yin yoga.  Classes begin with a slow vinyasa sequence of sun salutations and standing postures before sinking into long-held, progressively deeper stretches on the floor. A perfect blend of yin and yang, enjoy your vinyasa and have yin too!  A great beginner’s vinyasa experience!  Guided meditation.  Beginner friendly!


Our signature flow class features dynamic sequences incorporating standing postures, balances, seated stretching and guided meditation.   Leave this class feeling stronger, more energized and relaxed.  Some yoga experience recommended.  All Levels.


An hour devoted to deep release of your hips and hamstrings.  Through heat-building flows students prepare for longer holds and deeper opening into the hips, hamstrings and quadriceps.  For students of all levels needing the release of deep stretching to improve lower body flexibility, as well as athletes looking to compliment other physical activities such as running and cycling.  All levels.  Beginner Friendly!


Open to students of all levels, this early class helps to enliven your energy and get you flowing into the rest of your day! Explore different forms of pranayama as an opening into present mindfulness, setting the stage for deeper awareness and attention in sun salutes and flowing movement.